Positive Reaction to Tax Code Reform

The proposed tax reform framework is getting a generally positive reception from two members of Oklahoma’s Congressional delegation. Both Congressmen Tom Cole and Markwayne Mullin believe it is an encouraging step in creating a less burdensome tax code.

“I was very encouraged by the framework for tax reform that was laid out this morning,” said Cole. “While many details remain to be determined by the legislative process, it offers a positive path forward.”

“If enacted, it will provide reforms and reductions that will provide for greater economic opportunities for the American taxpayer. It will further promote economic growth by encouraging corporations and small businesses to create jobs and invest in the United States.”

“I am optimistic as we move forward that the President and the Republican Majority in the House and Senate can deliver on the promise of sweeping tax reform that benefits all Americans.”

“I will do my best to work with the Administration and Congress to fulfill our promise to the American people. I look forward to the debate, legislative process and enactment of major tax legislation before the end of the year,” Cole concluded.

Mullin said it is time for tax code reform.

“Our nation’s tax code is broken.  For far too long, our tax code has burdened American families, stunted our economy’s growth, and limited the ability of our businesses to compete in global markets,” said Mullin.  “With our federal tax code exceeding more than 70,000 pages, we can’t expect any individual, family, or small business to keep up.  It’s time that our tax code worked for the American people, not against them.”

“We want to make sure that every American keeps more of their hard-earned paycheck in their pocket.  We want to make sure that filing your family’s taxes is so simple and affordable that you don’t have to hire an expert,” Mullin added.  “Our framework lowers rates for everyone across the board, eliminates loopholes, and allows our businesses—both big and small—to be competitive in the market.  I look forward to working with my colleagues in the House and Senate to deliver on our promise to the American people to make our tax code fair and simple for the first time in over 30 years.”

The framework of the tax reform plan can be found here.

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