House Falls Short on Passing Budget Revenue Bill

The House failed to get enough votes Wednesday to pass a revenue package that would have patched a $215 million budget hole created by an unconstitutional cigarette fee. The Tulsa World’s Randy Krehbiel and Barbara Hoberock write while more Democrats were willing to vote for the measure, it still fell five votes short of passage.

Read the Tulsa World story here.

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  1. sky, 09 November, 2017

    Thank you to the folks for voting NO! We must audit agencies and get to the bottom of state spending. Kevin Calvey-stay strong!!!

  2. Vernon Woods, 09 November, 2017

    It’s too bad that it looks like we’ll be drastically decreasing available state funds (fiscal cost cutting). Probably the first cost cutting measure will be the continued loss of teachers to other states – that will definitely decrease our education expenses. Then, let’s cut more funds on the DHS programs and ensure that more people don’t waste monies on mental health issues and other unneeded health services. And then let’s decrease all public service funds to make sure our state gets an even lower bond rating. And don’t forget ODT.
    To you 5 or 6 ‘cost-cutting’ reps, enjoy the future pathetic environment attitudes you and same-minded others will force on the state.


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