Kern’s UN Agenda 21 Prohibitor Bill Passes Committee

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Constituent concerns about the United Nations Agenda 21 action plan led Rep. Sally Kern to author a bill approved by the House State’s Rights Committee.

“When my constituents come to me with a concern, I represent their voice here at the Capitol,” said Kern, R-Oklahoma City. “Many of my constituents are not a fan of the United Nations and their efforts to create worldwide changes. They want their local representatives to listen to them and not entities outside of our country.”

House Bill 1412 was approved by a 9-4 vote in the House State’s Rights Committee. The legislation would prohibit any political subdivision of Oklahoma from adopting or implementing policy recommendations established by the United Nations Agenda 21 Sustainable Development action plan. The measure also would prohibit the state from contracting with or exchanging funds with a nongovernmental or intergovernmental organization accredited by the United Nations.

Kern said the bill protects individual property rights.

“The bill protects individual property rights from being infringed upon by government regulations that originated in the United Nations Agenda 21 Initiative,” Kern said. “I think this bill will address the concerns my constituents have and I appreciate the support of my colleagues.

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