It’s A Strange OKC Mayor’s Race: Shadid’s Admissions Raise Eyebrows


It’s a strange race for mayor of Oklahoma City as Councilman Ed Shadid seems intent on proving a strange campaign will help him defeat incumbent Mayor Mick Cornett.

As previously reported by The McCarville Report, Shadid has already proved an extremely unorthodox candidate, known for his Green Party membership (, his left-of-center kickoff rally (, and his courtship of atheist voters (, among other tactics unique for office seekers in Oklahoma.

This past week on the campaign trail, the Sierra Cub hosted a fundraiser for Shadid
( and Shadid issued a Thanksgiving message notable for its lack of religious references

Still, nothing was more unorthodox than the mailer many Oklahoma City voters received from Shadid last weekend.

In the mailer, Shadid admits that he is in “long-term recovery” from “the disease of addiction.”   This follows his recent admission in a speech to the High Noon Club that he was addicted to marijuana for “many years” ( This admission came in the same week that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was making national headlines for his own drug abuse issues.

Shadid addressed the issue in an interview with The Red Dirt Report today.

shadid1Shadid also admitted in the mailer that he went through a “difficult and heartbreaking divorce.”   The mailer also features a prominent photo of Shadid and his ex-wife.  The caption to the photo does not identify that the woman in the picture is not his current wife.

According to the Oklahoma Supreme Court Network (OSCN), Shadid’s divorce file is sealed by order of the court ( bmitted=true&db=Oklahoma&number=FD-2004-6310). In the limited records available online and not under seal, there are references to “drug abuse patient records,” “psychotherapy communications,” a motion for an “alcohol assessment,” “illegally obtained recordings,” and an assertion by Shadid of his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. But with the file under seal, there is no way for the public to better understand the context of these references.

In the mailer, Shadid also brags on the fact that he is a registered Independent and not a Democrat or Republican. However, in 2010, Shadid told The Oklahoma Gazette
( that he was not pleased to be a registered Independent, and that Oklahoma’s election laws were unfairly keeping him from registering as
a member of the Green Party.   In that same article, he also expressed support for the views of the “Pirate Party.”

Also in his mailer, Shadid said he will not work for “political party bosses.” In 2011, when Shadid was elected to the City Council, Green Party patriarch Ralph Nader announced Shadid’s victory to the supporters gathered at the watch party

Nader also campaigned in Oklahoma City for Shadid during his unsuccessful campaign for the State House in 2010 as a member of the Green Party (

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  1. Norma, 03 December, 2013

    How in the world can someone who smoked pot, say they were addicted to it! Being addicted to pot is like being addicted to Pepsi or chocolate. You want it real badly but your body isn’t going to go into shock for not getting it.

  2. Kingjames, 03 December, 2013

    It is obvious that Shadid is adhering to what some in the political world call “confessionalism”.. That is being forthright about all the skeletons in your closet before someone else finds them in hopes that the public forgives the wrongs due to the candidate being forthright. This city does not need a Mayor like Toronto. This city needs a steady had on the tiller as it continues to progress in the right ways. Stability, a good conscious a kind heart and an ability to bring all together for the common good of one is what OKC needs. Look at our past Mayors that have contributed to our growth and emergence from the Dust Bowl image and you all see they all possessed this same characteristic. Shadid was not a good Doctor and he is far worse as a politician.

  3. Cynthia Burton, 03 December, 2013

    Our future Mayor, Ed Shadid is making every effort to concentrate without distraction, on the varied neighborhoods of greater Oklahoma City. He is not a fan of courting special interest groups or Corporations. Encouraging public education and urban agrarian concepts to enrich the lives of families. Addressing real concerns with Oklahoma City’s occupants one on one at community events. Rolling up his sleeves to help City charities. Buying local and encouraging others to do the same. That’s only the beginning of Ed Shadid. Get past separation of church and State and micro examining candidates personal lives and peccadillos! The question is will Ed Shadid make an excellent Mayor for the people of Oklahoma City? The answer is YES.

  4. Will, 03 January, 2014

    Our future Mayor? God forbid. This man has more special interest group support that he openly brags about on his site than anyone I know. This man doublebooked an evening with A neighborhood association and the Okc Firefighters. Guess who got the boot. It wasn’t the special interest group. This candidate needs to wake up. I sure as heck wont be voting for him.

  5. John, 03 December, 2013

    Shadid is obviously “confessing” because the truth is far worse. From what I’ve heard, that sealed divorce file has details that would make you throw up. That file needs to be unsealed for the sake of the public interest.

  6. Gypsy Hogan, 03 December, 2013

    Wow! What a brilliant political smear. Not sure, however, how it fits with servicing “well-informed subscribers.”

  7. mikes1voice, 03 December, 2013

    A reminder that comments making unproven allegations or using obscene language are not allowed.

  8. Castor, 03 December, 2013

    Whew. This guy is like the bull who charged the locomotive: you admire his courage but you question his judgement.

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  10. Hank, 03 December, 2013

    I’ve seen nothing to suggest anything other then the fact that Shadid would be the worst mayor OKC has seen in the last 2+ decades. His election would be the end of years of progress. You would have to be a complete idiot to support this guy.

  11. Forrest Country, 04 December, 2013

    As a resident in Mr. Shadid’s Council area, I have been disappointed in his lack of involvment with Neighborhood Associations (except at campaign time), failure to address neighborhood concerns (or to even listen), and his personal life reflects very poorly on himself, his neighborhood, and this city.

    His intentional alignment with “fringe” groups who have no roots in this community raise questions as to his focus and vision for OKC.

  12. Susan McCann, 08 December, 2013

    Thanks Forrest Country for your forthrightness. 😉

  13. Susie Shields Derichsweiler, 05 December, 2013

    What is wrong with you people who try to make someone with Ed’s qualifications and passion for making a difference a villain or monster? He is one of the kindest people I ever known and is quite obviously completely recovered from any addictions he may have once had. Ed listens intently to everyone for as long as they want to talk, including his children. On issues of importance for OKC, he seeks advice from a large variety of constituents, researches what other cities have done, and attends seminars related to his progressive ideas. I would like to see background checks on some of the people attacking him … no one is without mistakes, but addressing them and heading in a positive direction should be admired rather than villainized.

  14. Jody Harlan, 06 December, 2013

    No wonder everyone is shocked. Finally a politician who really cares, listens to citizens and tells the truth about himself. Ed Shadid has been a very popular city council member who supports programs that help PEOPLE rather than big business — things like public transportation, community gardens, senior citizen centers and now treatment for addiction that statistics show is out of control in the OKC area. Dr. Albert Schiwetizer once said, “Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight.” Ed doesn’t just think about suffering, he does something about it. VOTE for him.

  15. Joel Olson, 07 December, 2013

    Dr. Shadid is a breath of fresh air in this stagnant state. An intelligent advocate for improving everyday life in OKC, for building neighborhoods worth going to and worth living in, and for getting around in-town.

    I urge you all to come listen at his next event, hear what he has to say.

  16. Paco McGilla, 07 December, 2013

    In the final balance of administrative skills and intentions, Shadid would probably be as effective as Cornett — being mayor isn’t all that complicated. So then less-tangible factors such as personality, likability and trustworthiness come into play, and you have to wonder if Shadid has the charisma to communicate well with other officials to get the job done. I haven’t seen him do it yet. This article speaks to those attributes.

  17. Susan McCann, 08 December, 2013

    Folks the $$$ power brokers and director/owners of OUR city, begin their campaign against Councilman Dr. Ed Shadid. It’s ‘OKC Momentum’ all over again. They are desperate to continue the power structure they have established for themselves. It is nasty stuff, and it’s just beginning!

  18. Susan, 13 December, 2013

    It is so easy to make unfounded assessments such as saying that Dr. Shadid is not a good doctor. What actual knowledge does Kingjames have? Two of my friends were long term patients of Dr. Shadid. Both indicated they admired him greatly and were very grateful for his medical skill and care. One said he would not be able to walk today were it not for the intervention and treatment by Dr. Shadid. I have confidence in Dr. Shadid’s unselfish motives and his many efforts to improve our quality of life. Dr. Shadid is my city council representative and I have been pleased with the job he has done representing me. I have attended city council meetings and witnessed his thoughtful and independent questions that were helpful in fleshing out “rubber stamp” mentality.

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