October, 2017

Cline Resigns as Commissioner of Health

Oklahoma Health Commissioner Terry Cline handed in his resignation and the Oklahoma Board of Health accepted that resignation on Monday. This comes amid… 0

Patching the Budget

On Monday, the House passed a set of measures which would patch a budget hole until April for three agencies facing more than… 0

OCPA: Just Let Them Learn

By OCPA President Jonathan Small As the results of Oklahoma public school student performance on state assessment tests emerge, the news is sobering…. 1

Cole: Supporting Our Missions Formally Across the Globe

By Congressman Tom Cole The United States is fortunate to have the world’s strongest and most capable military force. Each day, thousands of… 0

Murphey: Spending Has Become a Routine

By Rep. Jason Murphey It is a very old story, and I have heard it repeated many times. It seems that legislators cannot… 3

Two Options for Budget Fix

There are two plans which will go before lawmakers over the next couple of days. The Tulsa World’s Randy Krehbiel and Barbara Hoberock… 0

Lamb Crosses $2.7 Million Fundraising Mark

Lt. Governor Todd Lamb is receiving a lot of financial support for his bid to be governor. The latest donor push has brought… 0

Senate Calls for GPT Tax Increase Vote

In an attempt to keep options open, the Oklahoma Senate passed a resolution asking the House to put a gross production tax (GPT)… 0

Cole Supports Budget Vote, Ready for Tax Reform

The U.S. House of Representatives passed the Senate Amendment to the federal budget this week. It had the support of Congressman Tom Cole,… 0

Maughan Announces End to OKC Mayoral Campaign

Oklahoma City mayoral candidate Brian Maughan is shutting down his campaign. Injuries from a recent car accident have not healed properly and limited… 0

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